Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy or Coaching… Which one is right for me?

When you reach out, we will help you sort that based on your goals. Therapy is best for more complex goals that could be influenced by your feelings and history. Coaching is great if you have a clear goal and want to reach it more quickly.


How long do appointments last?

Therapy sessions typically last 45-50 minutes. All of our therapists offer longer sessions for a more immersive experience as well. Couples sessions are typically extended to 90 minutes to accommodate more talk time.


How often do I have to have sessions? 

Therapy and Coaching sessions are typically scheduled weekly to become comfortable with your therapist, and to establish goals. 


As time passes, frequency will be something you can discuss and decide with your therapist. For those with one clear goal or numerous goals, weekly sessions are advised. Bi-weekly sessions are more appropriate if you're using therapy for self discovery. Established clients who have met their immediate therapy goals can schedule maintenance sessions on an as-needed basis.


Where are sessions held?

All sessions are conducted virtually via the HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform Zoom. In addition to the convenience of being able to start right away, having no commute and being able to attend therapy in your PJs, our virtual therapists offer extended hours to accommodate even the most unpredictable schedules.

Do you accept insurance?

OTC is in network with Aetna in the state of California. Outside of California we aren't in network with any insurance plans as yet. If you have a PPO plan (with any insurance company) you might have the option of reimbursement for expenses incurred from therapy sessions with out of network providers like us. We are happy to check on that as well as provide a detailed receipt called a "super bill" that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. During the intake process we'll reach out to your insurance company to sort through details on what percentage of your sessions are reimbursable and get you set up for super bills right away.


How much does it cost?

$180 - $250 per session. Payment for sessions is due at the time of service and may be made via Zelle or Chase QuickPay, all major credit cards also accepted.

What about packages?

We offer reduced-rate packages of sessions to make therapy even more accessible. Packages come in six or ten sessions. If you're interested in learning more about package pricing please let us know during your complimentary intake chat.

What is it like to be in therapy?

Therapy is a unique relationship. It’s a truly safe space where you can talk to someone else about your feelings without worrying about anything else. Friends and family are great, but don’t necessarily give you that non-judgmental, no-strings-attached outlet therapy provides. You’ll get to explore how you are feeling and take the next steps in determining how to navigate those feelings and act. Therapy provides the tools to make those changes through concrete exercises of reflection, as well as helping you gain insight into yourself. Effective therapy will have highs and lows but is, ultimately, a place to clarify your thoughts, learn about yourself, and find new direction in your life.

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