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Individual Therapy is a unique opportunity to utilize the support of a trained professional to gain perspective and spark change in your personal life. The therapists at One Therapy Center create specialized treatment plans to accomplish your unique goals in therapy. Whether you start therapy to get more motivated and enhance success or to heal from past wounds and trauma, individual therapy provides a safe place to take a look at anything in life that is holding you back from feeling at peace.



The key to improving communications as partners is to uncover each other’s emotional needs. Couples therapy can help you understand these needs and respond to them in a way that supports connection with each other. Once we learn how to talk about our needs in an authentic, direct way with our partner, communication becomes easier. We create a relationship that is based on real mutuality, speaking in a way that is beneficial for both partners. Once you understand the underlying emotional needs, it becomes much easier to tailor specific communication strategies that will work for both of your styles. This could include how to start a conversation, how to talk about your own experience rather than criticizing the other, how to make the other feel really understood, using empathic listening vs. problem solving listening and more.


As creatives, we often set goals. We have an idea of what we want our future to look like but we might lack the tools and resources to get there. In instances such as this, coaching can be extremely helpful. Coaching is a partnership that supports you in connecting with your inner purpose and passion.  It inspires specific action that creates and sustains fulfilling results in your personal and professional life. Coaching is not therapy, consulting or casual conversation. It is a powerful experience that connects you to your inner wisdom and can be key in moving into the present to create the future with consciousness.

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